• Southeast Asian ecommerce is about to reach a whole new level
    All of a sudden, online payments in Southeast Asia has gotten much more interesting.
  • Vietnam Electronic Commerce Report 2015
    The English version of Vietnam E-Commerce Report 2015 by Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA), Ministry of Industry and Trade is published. This report summarizes the key changes of e-commerce in 2015 such as continuing to update the new legislations, collecting the surveyed and analyzed data related to the business application of e-commerce enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Online retail cross-border sales: The global trend that's here to stay
    Since its inception, online shopping has evolved from desktop-only capabilities to completely responsive sites with the proficiency to function on any device, from white text splashed across black backgrounds to clean and modern experiences tailored to a shopper’s unique preferences.
  • Promoting online exports – Opportunities for Vietnam enterprises
    On 16/03/2016, Ms. Lai Viet Anh, Deputy Director of Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade made a speech at the workshop "Gold Supplier – Online export solutions for Vietnam enterprises" hosted by the world leading e-commerce Alibaba Group and Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB JSC) in Hanoi.