• The official announcement of Online Friday 2016
    In August 18, 2016, Vietnam Electronic Commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA) - Ministry of Industry and Trade held the press conference to announce "The Online Shopping Day Program - Online Friday 2016". It is the biggest e-commerce event of the year which is held annually on the first Friday in December.
  • Ecommerce in Denmark is worth 13.84 billion euros
    Ecommerce in Denmark was worth over 100 billion Danish kroner (13.44 billion euros) for the first time ever. The online retail industry in Denmark now accounts for approximately 10 percent of the total retail turnover.
  • Southeast Asian ecommerce is about to reach a whole new level
    All of a sudden, online payments in Southeast Asia has gotten much more interesting.
  • Vietnam Electronic Commerce Report 2015
    The English version of Vietnam E-Commerce Report 2015 by Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA), Ministry of Industry and Trade is published. This report summarizes the key changes of e-commerce in 2015 such as continuing to update the new legislations, collecting the surveyed and analyzed data related to the business application of e-commerce enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Online retail cross-border sales: The global trend that's here to stay
    Since its inception, online shopping has evolved from desktop-only capabilities to completely responsive sites with the proficiency to function on any device, from white text splashed across black backgrounds to clean and modern experiences tailored to a shopper’s unique preferences.