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  • 10 Factors That Make Perfect Digital Transformation
    Digital Transformation (DX) has been the buzzword around and is now coming to the forefront. One such demand for DX efforts came in the form of the COVID-19 crisis, which brought about a significant change in the way companies function.
  • 10 reasons why AI can boost your e-commerce business
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept limited just to sci-fi movies. With recent leaps in Technology, AI has evolved immensely, permeating into every aspect of modern business and society. Now, AI has a bearing on every conceivable thing, from smart-homes and self-driving cars, to the vast domains of e-learning and e-commerce, AI is in everything and everywhere.
  • 7 charts on the future of automation
    Over the last decade, the prospect of mass automation has seemingly shifted from a vague possibility to an inescapable reality.
  • Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch out for in 2019
    Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2019 [Infographic]
  • 60 Stats & Trends That Will Define The Future of E-Commerce
    Electronic shopping was introduced back in 1979 when English inventor Michael Aldrich connected a modified TV to a transaction-processing computer via telephone line and opened the information systems for secure data transmission. This technology became the foundation on which the eCommerce as we know it was built.