• Da Nang city to boost cashless transactions
    The central city of Da Nang is making every effort to raise awareness on the benefits of cashless transactions as well as building financial and technical infrastructure for the future development of a cashless society.

    The city has implemented a project to help distribute information on cashless transactions to local businesses and people. Da Nang’s State Bank Branch and other credit institutes have taken measures to help customers understand that their rights will be protected and their privacy and conveniences are top priorities.

    The city has set a target to bring the amount of cash-based transactions to less than 10 percent and reach 30 million credit and debit card transactions in 2020

    Credit institutes have been reviewing the city’s POS (point-of-sale) and mPOS network to recall rarely-used POS machines, installing modern ATM machines with a wide range of functions to provide customers with more services as well as online support.

    Deputy Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee Tran Van Mien said the project aims to change residents’ mindset and perception on cashless transactions, widen the city’s electronic-payment network coverage and cater to the needs of local residents and international visitors.

    Despite the rising popularity of cashless payments, especially among youngsters and high-income earners, the city still faces difficulties in getting through to small-time vendors, local markets and restaurants, who prefer cash-based transactions. In addition, there is a lack of financial services designed to support such small businesses.

    The city has set a target to bring the amount of cash-based transactions to less than 10 percent and to reach 30 million credit and debit card transaction in 2020. It also plans to upgrade its electronic payment network and develop numerous forms of cashless products.

    Financial experts said cashless payments could help propel economic development. US-based Boston Consulting Group said a simplified process of sending and receiving payments can spur growth and boost financial inclusion with economies that are quick to adapt and switch to digital tend to be doing better.

    While the outlook of cashless payment development in Vietnam remains positive with the implementation of modern infrastructure and technology as well as the support of the Government, the country is still lagging behind. A CEO of a major e-commerce website in Vietnam said the Vietnamese customer-preferred mode of payment was still cash with 65 percent of buyers prefer Cash on Delivery payment, eight times the world’s average.

    Nguồn: VEN
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