• Observing data privacy day: The importance of protecting personal information in the digital age
    Data Privacy Day falls on January 28th, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding personal data The digital economy is already worth around US$ 3 trillion, growing at an unprecedented speed and scale
  • Hanoi aims to become science-technology hub of Southeast Asia
    Hanoi has designed a plan to develop itself into a smart, modern, green, clean, beautiful and safe city and the leading centre of innovation, development research and technology application and transfer of the country, heading to be a science-technology hub in Southeast Asia.
  • How has technology changed the lives of different consumer generational cohorts?
    Technology has played a crucial role in developing a consumer in each generation. From the invention of the printing press in the Renaissance to the widespread use of cell phones in the 21st century, technology has changed how people live and engage with the world.
  • An outlook for the retail and logistics sector in 2023
    As inflation sweeps across economies, consumer behaviors are starting to change. With price increases across all segments on the rise, households are expected to be extra cautious in their spending, opting for products that can stretch their dollars. In 2023, it would be even more important for businesses to ensure products that are aligned with customer demands and able to deliver long-term value and durability.
  • AR/VR spending to reach $50.9 billion in 2026 - IDC
    Worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality is forecast to reach $13.8 billion this year and grow to $50.9 billion in 2026, according to the International Data Corporation Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide.