• Robots might just be the best alternative to last mile delivery problems
    When it comes to warehouse management, robots are playing an increasingly important role in not only providing a seamless process but also enhancing productivity for the organization. From sorting to inventory management, robots are also slowly beginning to replace the human workforce in most warehouses today.
  • Industry and trade digitalization going strong
    The industry and trade sector has been accelerating its digitalization in compliance with the government’s direction, focusing on information technology (IT) application and administrative reform through e-government development.
  • Vietnam strategy targets sustainable production
    Vietnam is shifting to more sustainable production in accordance with its goods import-export strategy to 2030, which places green development, ecological industries, renewable energy, and circular economy models as the country’s new driving force.
  • Prioritizing cloud literacy to overcome digital skills shortages
    Organizations view digital growth differently today compared to pre-COVID. The initial disruption in operations created uncertainty and necessitated cloud migration. However, today, with many countries now seeing COVID-19 as endemic, organizations have also adapted, and are prepared to manage disruption and transformation on an ongoing basis, with greater support from automation and cloud technologies.
  • What are the five key trends for the continued surge in time spent on mobile devices?
    The rapid adoption of digital technology shows no signs of slowing down; three out of four respondents (Thais in particular) anticipate a rise in mobile usage Gen Z and Millennials worry that they overuse technology and don’t have the necessary skills to keep up with the speed of technological change