• Online retail cross-border sales: The global trend that's here to stay
    Since its inception, online shopping has evolved from desktop-only capabilities to completely responsive sites with the proficiency to function on any device, from white text splashed across black backgrounds to clean and modern experiences tailored to a shopper’s unique preferences.
  • Promoting online exports – Opportunities for Vietnam enterprises
    On 16/03/2016, Ms. Lai Viet Anh, Deputy Director of Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade made a speech at the workshop "Gold Supplier – Online export solutions for Vietnam enterprises" hosted by the world leading e-commerce Alibaba Group and Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB JSC) in Hanoi.
  • How Cross-Border Ecommerce Varies Worldwide
    How and why shoppers worldwide buy on foreign ecommerce sites. Cross-border ecommerce varies country by country. In Europe, digital shoppers in stronger economies tend to shop domestically, while those on the other end of the spectrum look abroad for bargains. And while Canada and the US may be neighbors, they are hardly twins when it comes to digital buying.
  • Trends in Ecommerce in 2016
    The 5 most Innovative Trends in Ecommerce to Watch for in 2016
  • The 7th meeting of e-commerce legislation between Vietnam and Japan was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    On November 11 and 12, 2015, Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA ) - Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) in coordination with Commerce and Information Policy Bureau - Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) organized the 7th annual Vietnam – Japan e-commerce legislation meeting in Ho Chi Minh City.